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8 Step Process for Selling Your Firm


Introduction Call

  • We’ll discuss your objectives in a sale, timeline, and exit strategy to ensure we check all the boxes to satisfy your needs

NDA Sign Off

  • A non-disclosure agreement will be executed to ensure information is kept confidential about your business and we can start to seek buyers for your business.

Broker Due Diligence & Valuation Opinion

  • The brokers and our team will request details about your business to be able to support a valuation

Listing Goes Live

  • Your listing will go live to potential buyers so that you can start to get notified of interested buyers

Connect Seller with Qualified Buyer

  • Once we have some leads on potential qualified buyers of your businesses we will introduce you to them for a discussion

Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • A purchase and sale agreement will be prepared that states the amount and timing of the sale of your business as well as legal considerations.

Lawyer Review & Buyer Due Diligence

  • Your lawyer will review the purchase and sale agreement before closing and the buyer will perform their due diligence before signing.

Closing of Sale

  • The purchase and sale agreement gets signed and the post-transaction hand-off to the new buyer begins.

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